Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the principle of SHERO Magnetic Eyelashes?

SHERO Magnetic Eyelashes are made of soft magnet eyelashes specially made from Japan imported magnets and Korea imported antibacterial mink hair. It is composed of two pieces of soft magnet eyelashes, which can be worn with a clip. It feels very comfortable, ultra-thin, ultra-light and easy to use!

2. What material is used for SHERO magnetic eyelashes?

The materials we use are purple mink hair (75%), horse hair (15%), and artificial fiber (10%). The length of the thick version is 9-13 mm, the length of the natural version is 8-11 mm, and the width is 25mm. You can trim according to your eye shape.

3. What is the difference between SHERO magnetic eyelashes and traditional glued eyelashes or grafted eyelashes?

Traditional glued eyelashes contain formaldehyde. The eyelashes fall off easily and may damage our hair follicles and eyes. Long-term use of glued eyelashes may result in eye diseases. Grafted eyelashes are more troublesome to use and generally more expensive. It takes about two hours to put up and it is time-consuming to graft each eyelash onto your eye. You may have to repeat the grafting process several times a year and it will be very ugly if the grafting is discontinued halfway.

4. Is SHERO magnetic eyelashes easy to wear?

The wearing method is very simple. First, put the magnetic eyelashes on the clip, click to the position on the eyes and then just clip it gently. You may not be able to add the roots of the eyelashes at first but it should work fine after a few practices.

5. Will SHERO magnetic eyelashes fall off easily?

SHERO magnetic eyelashes uses the principle of magnetic attraction. Each eye has upper and lower eyelashes. There is a magnetic strip on the upper side. The corner of the eye is a short magnetic strip, and the end of the eye is a long magnetic strip. The magnetic force is so strong that it cannot be blown off by a hair dryer. If you rub your eyes, you will feel a little detached from the roots of the eyelashes, so take this small clip with you. If the eyelashes are a little off from the roots of the eyelashes, take it off and put it on again.

6. Does SHERO magnetic eyelashes need maintenance?

SHERO magnetic eyelashes can be exposed to water, but you should not wash your face with your eyelashes because you will rub your eyes, which is not good for protecting your eyelashes. The better it is protected, the longer it will last. If the eyelashes are dirty, you can use a cotton swab, moisten it with some water, and wipe the eyelashes. If the hair is messy, you can use the small brush behind the eyebrow. Place the eyelashes back in the small box after removing them.

7. What are the benefits of SHERO Magnetic Eyelashes?

It is safe and environmentally friendly and can better protect your eyelashes or eyes! It can also be worn by pregnant women during breastfeeding.

8. Any side effects from wearing SHERO magnetic eyelashes?

No. It is not something to be taken in orally or rubbed on the skin, so there will be no side effects.

9. I have short and few eyelashes. Will my own eyelashes fall off easily if I wear SHERO magnetic eyelashes?

For short and few eyelashes, you can apply some mascara first before you put on the magnetic eyelashes.

10. What is the price of SHERO Magnetic Eyelashes?

The retail price in Malaysia is RM 269 per set, including 2 pairs of SHERO Magnetic Eyelashes, a small clip (curler) and a 2-layer circular eyelash case.

11. Why is the price so expensive?

Usually, if the eyelashes are grafted, the minimum cost is about RM200-300. Eyelashes can only last for one month after grafting, and they need to be repaired once in between. And grafting eyelashes will damage your eyelashes. Glue will also block our hair follicles, causing no longer eyelashes.

SHERO Magnetic Eyelashes are not disposable or for one-time use only. They can be reused for 9-12 months, and costs only < RM0.80 per day! A pair of these magnetic eyelashes is equivalent to growing eyelashes once, but it can only be used for two months at a time, and it will be ugly to lose eyelashes after 15-20 days. Wearing our epoxy magnetic sheet eyelashes every day is beautiful, and the price is more cost-effective.

12. Can I get a refund if the effect is not good?

Not possible. If there is any quality issues with the product, we will replace it for you but we will check every pair/set before sending it to you. Please take note the effect of each person wearing our product may be different.

13. What should I do if my eyelashes are broken?

If your SHERO eyelashes are lost or broken, you can buy a pair of eyelashes (RM139) separately as replacement.

14. Can I only have all 2 sets of the same styles in One Set Package?

The package cannot be mixed and matched. You may buy another pair (Camelia style) package for RM139.

15. Can I have a trial before my purchase?

No! If you like, you can try with a Set or a Pair first and experience it yourself, maybe it will lead you to a big business opportunity!