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Shero High Definition 6-Colour Eyebrow Powder

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Shero High Definition 6 colors eyebrow powder is a set of six colors with multifunction. The soft powder can also be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner and nose contour. It’s lightweight and skin-friendly, and easy to color.

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Shero High Definition 6 colors eyebrow powder is a set of six colors with multifunction. After adding light, it can create natural 3D makeup effect. And if you want to make your eyebrows more prominent, then use dark color to outline your eyebrows. The soft powder can also be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner and nose contour. It’s lightweight and skin-friendly, and easy to color.

6 colors with multi-function to create:

  • 3D makeup effect
  • Shape eyebrows
  • Prominent nose
  • Big eyes
  • Design for Asians to create a prominent nose and delicate eyebrows, a set with six color, which has multi-function, is suitable for different skin type and can meet the demand for different makeup effect
  • Silky smooth and delicate powder, strong adhesion, skin-friendly, easy to color. Natural soft color to make natural 3D makeup effect
  • Soft shadow color, light and delicate powder, create natural perfect nose contour, making better prominent facial features
  • Not only can be used as eyebrow powder, but also as eyeshadow, eyeliner and nose contour




  • 3D妆容效果
  • 定型眉毛
  • 突出鼻梁
  • 放大眼睛
  • 专为亚洲人设计,创造突出的鼻梁和精致的眉毛。这款六色多功能粉饼适合不同肤质,并可满足不同妆容效果的需求。
  • 细腻的粉末质地,粘附性强,亲肤易上色。自然柔和的颜色,创造出自然的3D妆容效果。
  • 软糯的阴影颜色,轻盈的粉末,创造出自然完美的鼻影,使面部特征更加突出。
  • 不仅可以用作眉粉,还可以用作眼影、眼线和鼻影。

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4 reviews for Shero High Definition 6-Colour Eyebrow Powder

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  2. Joanna Then

    Joanna Then


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  3. Felicia Lee Shook Mun

    Felicia Lee Shook Mun

    good combination of colors, good for multiple usages

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  4. PeyRu Sanyu Chen

    PeyRu Sanyu Chen

    Good I like

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  5. kay



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