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Shero Duo Performance Makeup Sponge

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Breathable, Reusable, Washable, and Odorless Shero Duo Performance Makeup Sponge.


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  • Achieve an airbrushed application with storage case—Ensuring the makeup sponge stays hygienic for on-the-go convenience.
  • Breathable, Reusable, Washable, and Odorless.
  • Dry and wet usage – Dry use (for blush, loose powder & compact powder); Wet use (for primer, cream & liquid foundation)
  • Velvety Soft, PREMIUM quality with professional-grade material.
  • Special made for long wear makeup, flawless, even & natural finish, and it helps to reduce the product waste.


Cleaning guide:

Apply an appropriate amount of SHERO BRUSH CLEANSER (or soap) onto the sponge, wash gently, remove excess water and leave to air-dry.


  • 实现空气般的轻盈底妆,且附带储存盒,确保美妆蛋始终保持卫生,方便随时随地轻松携带。
  • 透气、可重复使用、可清洗且无异味:采用顶级材质制成,透气性出众,可反复使用,并且无异味。
  • 干湿两用:适用于干用(用于腮红、散粉和粉饼)和湿用(用于妆前乳、乳液和液体粉底)。
  • 柔软细腻、专业级材料:丝绒般柔软细腻的材质,确保完美的妆容应用,让肌肤感觉更舒适。
  • 妆容更服贴、持久:有助于妆容更持久、服贴,效果无瑕、均匀且自然,同时帮助减少化妆品的浪费。



为了确保美妆蛋的卫生和性能,可简单地喷洒适量的SHERO Brush Cleanser喷雾(或肥皂)在海绵上,轻柔清洗,接着去掉多余水分,自然晾干。

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