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Shero Makeup Brush

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  • Shero Precise Definition Eyeshadow Brush (Precise Defn E01)● for eyeshadow and lying silkworm● the brush made with pony hair● the brush is soft which made it easy to apply
  • Shero Contour & Cheek Brush (Contour & Cheek B01)● Can be used for blush, contour, highlight and powder● the brush made which fine goat hair● the brush is soft which made it easy to apply
  • Shero Essential Eyeshadow Blending Brush (Essntl Blending E03)● Specially designed domed brush head, tailored for Asian eye shapes, enhances eye makeup application.● Ideal for contouring and defining the eye, providing depth to eye makeup.● Made with fine goat fur, ensures a gentle, airbrushed, and seamless eyeshadow application.
  • Shero All-Over Eyeshadow Brush (All Over E04)● Made with natural goat hair bristles, ensuring a comfortable and gentle application on the delicate eye area.● Paddle-shaped brush for precise application, suitable for various eyeshadow techniques including base color, crease depth, and highlighting.● Enables effortless blending for a smooth look and can be used for highlighting the brow bone and inner eye corners.
  • Shero Precise Smudge Brush (Precise Smudge E05)● Ideal for softening eyeliner into smoky looks, blending eyeshadows for gradient effects, and defining the crease.● Perfect for precise application in the inner corners of the eyes, adding a subtle glow.● Designed for creating a smudged, smoky effect along the lower lash line for an alluring look.
  • Shero Seamless Touch Concealer Brush (Concealer Brush C06)● Crafted with fine goat fur for ultimate softness.● Ensures flawless and seamless coverage of concealer.● Ideal for blending concealer with precision and ease.
  • Shero ProTouch Lip Brush (ProTouch LipBrsh L07)● Perfectly designed for precise lip application.● Ensures smooth, even coverage every time.● Compact and travel-friendly for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • Shero Get Glowing Highlighter Brush
(Glow Highlighter H02)● Made with fine goat hair for a soft, gentle touch.● Highlights and enhances your natural glow beautifully.● Expertly crafted for precise highlighter application.● Designed for creating a smudged, smoky effect along the lower lash line for an alluring look.

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Precise Defn E01, Contour & Cheek B01, Essntl Blending E03, All Over E04, Precise Smudge E05, Concealer Brush C06, ProTouch LipBrsh L07, Glow Highlighter H02

4 reviews for Shero Makeup Brush

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  2. Sherlyn Pek

    Sherlyn Pek

    The blusher brush is very soft, feels so nice while applying blusher. Love it to the max!

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  3. Wong F.

    Wong F.

    The brushes look smaller than expected. They are soft and nice.

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  4. Winnie lim

    Winnie lim


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    So fast the powder in fine and cheeck brush so soft. I very like it ? hopefully can create more and more comestics product choice

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